The Keys to Dog Training are Management and Patience


Dog training, whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, is about being in control. This does not mean that you should be aggressive, forceful or dominating. It does mean that you MUST be in control of the situation. Dogs learn by doing and if the dog can repeat a behavior, it will understand that the behavior is acceptable – even if you react negatively every time the behavior is accomplished. Reacting to and correcting the dog when it errs is not helpful. The dog has already completed its behavior and your reacting after the fact is not the best way to teach the dog that this behavior is unwanted. Yes, some dogs might finally learn that the response post behavior isn’t worth the behavior itself, but is this the best way to train? Is it really the way you want to interact with your dog? Is it a pleasant way to interact? I think not. Continue reading “The Keys to Dog Training are Management and Patience”